Our Song List
Pub Stuff & Good Stuff
Disk 1
Come In
Tradition Alive
Field Of Athenry
Stack Of Barley
Irish Republican Army
Charlie Mopp's
Galway Shall
Old Man
Brewed In The Glenn
On The One Road
Divil is Dead
Streets Of London
Irish Soldier Laddie
What Ireland Means To Me
Sunday Morning Sunshine
Over Here
Black Velvet Band
Sing Irishmen Sing
Big Strong Man
Bobby Was A Soldier
Luck Of The Irish
My Irish Molly
Disk 1
Disk 1
Shamrock & The Rose
What'll ya have MURPH?
Shamrock And The Rose
Where The Three Counties Meet
Wasn't It A Party
Roscommon In The West
Love / God Bless Our Love
The Rooster
You'll Never Beat The Irish
My Eileen Is Waiting
Happy Birthday
Put It There
Gentle Annie
Someone Thinks Of You Tonight
Give Ireland Back To The Irish
Last Farewell

Rambles Of Spring
A Man You Don't Meet Everyday
Alice (Living Next Door)
Some From Home
Putting On The Style
In Search Of The Rose
Joyce Country Ceili Band
Waxies Dargle
Spencil Hill
Only One More Kiss
Oh God, Will It Ever Stop Raining
Pal Of My Cradle Days
Paddy In A Minor
Summer In Dublin
Johnny Brown (Sally Garden)
Wild Rover (Live @ Kerwins)

Mayo Liar
Galway Bay
Drunken Sailor
Seven Drunken Nights
Katie Daley
Promise And The Dream
If You Ain't Irish
Her Father Don't Like Me Anyway
Nancy Whiskey
One Day At A time
If We Only Had Ireland
Disk 2
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